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website back up!!!


wow it's been a while....

Photoshop Brush (back up!!)


After a while I think we all end up having a huge collection of Photoshop brushes, I am no exception.... but I spent the other day to clean it up a bit.

My set consists of some I've created.. and downloaded.. mostly of M@'s, Jaime Jones' and Whit's. It's funny with brushes.. I think we tend to stick to few that we use all the time. Anyways..



MADE Symposium by SixMoreVodka


If you are lucky enough to live in europe or can get to it... I am neither.. awww But this workshop looks absolutely fantastic! The instructors consists of very talented artists from Massive Black and Six More Vodka and in cooperation with Marvel entertainment. June 17~20th in Berlin!!


Going freelance


Just going through some big changes with my life and have decided to take a plunge at being a full time freelancer. If you are in need of a concept artist/illustrator, email through to minyum[@]gmail.com My portfolio with samples of commercial work will be available on request. :)



[will only be accepting paid gig at the moment, thanks]



So finally got in touch with my dear friend Marsha, who kindly pointed out a very simple issue with the setting on the backend of the website. Now uploading works fine and all! YAY..




Gorilla Artfare 2nd Bday!! YAY


GA is celebrating its 2nd Bday!!! :)
Here's my contribution to the celebration, it's my interpretation of Koppa's work. We were doing our own version of other GAers. (can't believe it's been 2 years already with the blog...) But check it out! stunning work by other GAers.

Gorilla Artfare

(click for a larger image)

Prints available at inprnt.com


Prints available at inprnt.com.

Baba Yaga

Stroll in the dark

Underneath it all

Red Sonja

Heavy Gunner

Death horse



Time Lapse gifs


I've just done three quick time lapse gifs to show my painting process. It's rather simple since these are just made up enviroments and all. More detailed actual video will be coming soon! but for the moment.

finished image

finished image

finished image

cheers Min



Been a while! just wrapped up working the third Narnia film, "Voyage of Drawn Treader". It's been very exciting on so many levels, but now back at home in Sydney. Going to try and catch up on all the personal work and studies. :)

Unfortunately, my websites is being a little strange at the moment and updating isn't working. So hopefully I will get that sorted out soon. Meanwhile please check sketchbook on conceptart.org or cghub.com for latest sketches and so on.

Happy NEW YEAR!!



ca.org sketchbook, p.118

cghub sketchbook

Imagine FX #40


I recently did a workshop for Imagine FX, Feb issue. The article basically shows my usual progress, from sketch right through to finish. I really wanted to be thorough but I suppose you can only fit so much into 4 pages. The brief was to create a "death" related image and I've had this idea lurking abouts for sometime so it was rather fun! Anyways, here's the potion of the image.

full size here

Dolor #3


Nic & Michael asked me to do the cover for the awesomely fantastic indie comic, Dolor issue 3. It's filled with brilliant artworks and comics from Francis Vallejo, Michael Meier, Jens Claessens, Nic Klein, Dustin d'Arnault, Rita Fürstenau & Lisa Röper!

You can check them out here rotopolpress


I am a SLACKER!!!


I've been a real slacker updating this website with new images. Hopefully I will keep it nice and upto date in 2009!.. might even give it a new cosmetics. I usually throw it up on my sketchbook at conceptart.org and Gorilla Artfare!

Min's sketchbook

Gorilla Artfare


2009! new hosting


A slow start to the new year, the site was hacked during last Xmas and sadly lots of files were deleted. And even more unfortunate is the fact that I hadn't backed it up. So if you do find a broken link, please forward it to me and hopefully I can fix it. (thanks!)

My hosting hasn't been most reliable, so I've jumped ship with huevia who also looks after hosting for Gorilla Artfare. Seems really good so far! :) hopefully no more hacks and server being down.

Hope everyone is having a great start to the new year!

c, Min

books, books & more books.....


We must spend a fortune on books.. can't help it! I just got a new copy of Dean Cornwell book, extremely excited. I took some pics of my beloved items.. some interesting items include,
- phil hale's goad
- process recess 1&2
- andrew loomis' figure drawing for all its worth
- berserk, vagabond & blade of immortal manga!
- australian impressionism, an awsome book

right here



I've had few attempts at trying to sort out some prints for sometime now, it just kind of never worked out until recently. Inprnt.com is looking after prints for Gorilla Artfare and I've also listed some of my work as well. Only have 5 images at the moment but will be adding more in near future.

- Heavy Gunner
- Death Horse
- Underneath it all
- Red Sonja
- Sanctuary



Been busy in the past few months, after working on Wolverine in Sydney, I got the chance to work on the third narnia film, "The Voyage of the Dawn Treader" which was in LA, great fun!

Back in Sydney, catching up on my studies, it's so hard to try and get back into the rhythm, slowly getting there. :) oh and cleaning and updating this website too.

Gorilla Artfare


Well it's finally here...
after many months of..ermm talking and loitering abouts.. GA blog is up and running.. :D check it out!

Gorilla Artfare

ChOW #100!


Character Of The Week at conceptart.org is on its big 100th. The brief will be out on the 9th of Dec and go for a month, due 6th of Jan.

more info soon..
discussion here
ChOW #100

Last Man Standing #3!!!


It's on again!!

"LMS3 brings with it this cycle a massive field of 320 contenders over 4 rounds, pitted against each other in a randomly matched bracketed tournament. Pros and novices alike are invited to participate, but keep in mind you'll be going up against some of the best and brightest in the industry. Bring anything but your best and I guaranteed you'll be ridden like a dirty alpaca all over the place.

"Each round you'll be paired up by my Super Deluxe Excel Randomizer with no less than 3 other contenders per round..."

- Cody Tilson (strych9ine)

More infos can be found here

official website!

conceptart.org discussion thread
click here

More sketchbooks from CA


some more inspiration from sketchbook section at conceptart.org! my sb can be found here.

Tom scholes AKA idiot apathy
Mathias Verhasselt AKA m@
Andrew Ley
Emily Gordon
shao shao
Magic Man
Mr grumble

2DArtist Magazine


I've been included in August issue of 2DArtist Magazine, :) it's 6 pages in sketchbook section of the magazine, mostly ChOW entries.

(LINK BACK ON! and permanent!)
click here to download



In Memoriam GANGUS


Glen Angus, aka Gangus recently died from aneurysm. A well respected member of CA and cgtalk. I didn't know him in person but have seen his outstanding work all over the cg art communities. A tragic really, only in his 30s, inpiration to many....

RIP and best wishes for his family.

link to his thread in CA

and ChOW dedicated to him

Soul Collector Painting Steps


Another painting steps for ChOW at conceptart.org, took a slightly different appraoch to usual b&w.

Soul Collector #73

Painting Steps for ChOWs


Progressive shots for Character Of The Week at conceptart.org
it's quite brief, but it sort of goes over some painting techniques and my thoughts, it's not all that exciting, but if it helps someone out there, all the better! It's just linked to sketchbook post at conceptart.org.

Death's Horse #69

Fallen Valkyrie #71

Semi Permanent & David Kassan Workshop


Semi Permanent is in 30th & 31st of March in Sydney! so excited about it!

James Jean is one of the speakers!
for details here go here

semi permanent

Also attending David Kassan workshop in Byron Bay!! for a week. Link to his sketchbook in conceptart.org here.

Kassan Sketchbook

Oh, happy valentine's day!


"Collab" section


HAPPY 2007!!!

New section added, Tom Scholes (idiot apathy), my dear friend has kindly been adding amazing colours to bring life to my sketches. Thanks Tom! This section will also host more collabs in future. :D

cheers, Min

Merry Xmas :D yay~





added new "sketches" section! :D

Future Plans


Well I have been thinking about upgrading my website for sometime now.. I think a whole new look will probably be a waste of time and energy.

Instead, I will be adding "RESOURCES" section back in as I intended.. (you can sort of make out the scribbled bit in the menu thingie). This section will also have my PS brushes sets plus various step by steps & and of course some of my favourite resources and books. :D

Also will be adding a "LINE ART" section in Sketches. I seem to have done a few of sketches consisting of lines mostly but haven't been able to find a nice home for them. So WATCH OUT! for them little things. :D



I can't believe 2006 is already reaching its end. It is kind of crazy how quickly time flies, right before your EYES!!

Well, Merry Christmas & Happy spanking New Year!

let's all hope 2007 we get more drawings and ever get more closer to our dream goals.

cheers, Min

Sketchbooks at CA


The best place to get yourself inspired is probably at conceptart.org.. it's an amazing community with some serious talents. The best section to get a daily dosage of inspiration is the "sketchbooks" section as well as "members exculsive sketchbooks". My sketchbook and some of my favourite ones!

idiot apathy - loves colours and teaches me heaps too! my mentor!

cotron - his line works are top quality!

loomer - he's too original.. my inspiration!

teigrob - she's got that disney style, does absolute wonders with animals and expressions.

poise - love her work, damn

codaromek - wackiest stuff in there and heaps of cute(?) stuff too

magic man - An aussie! he's talent is top quality too!

hurricane - monster.. can't believe he draws so much..

fellah - he's probably the biggest machine.. and draws absolute crazy stuff!

liam.c - another machine..never stops, do these guys have more than 24 hrs a day?

mindcandyman - a long journey, scarey progress.

garbotage - does just about everything and updates everyday, top quality stuff, very inspiring.

mr.blonde - loves to work with colours

m@ - awsome speed painter, he's colours are absolutely stunning!

main loop - brilliant figures.. brilliant

mentler - anatomy master

sinix - very creative one, really hit me when I first saw his work.

wes burt ,
older one - do I need to say more?

salary man - top qaulity stuff

Looking for resources


I do get asked once in a while about what to study, or how to go on about studying figures from friends. Often it's just about pointing them to the right direction. I am also a student, studying nature and figures so it's kind of funny in a way. But here are some websites that's helped me greatly in the past few months.

Andrew Loomis, famous, highly skilled and respected. His books are availble free online, so why not use them. They are very good, detailed and inspirational. He's published 6 books so far and all can be accessed through www.saveloomis.org. It's a start, great resource a must have. Hogarth and Bridgman are other two figure masters with few of the book titles, and you can easily pick them up just about anywhere. Online book store that's cheaper than most for australians is www.less10.com. So have a look, I have bought some books in the past, delivery time is a little long but it's cheaper and reliable.

www.cgtalk.com, probably one of the biggest online community for CG artists, they have huge amounts of resources, also now they have anatomy section where figures are discussed daily with free online anatomy workshops.

www.conceptart.org, I love this place, it's very drawing orientated community focusing on concept art, as the name suggests. Especially the sketchbook section, it's not all glossy there but it's very interesting to see other artists doing the roughs and quick sketches. They also have 4 weekly activities which is becoming very very popular and competitive.

That should keep most people busy for a very long time. :) But most importantly it's about patience and dedication, draw draw draw, there simply just isn't any short cut. It's a direct reflection of how much time and effort you put into it.



Creature Of the Week, Environment Of the Week and Character Of the Week. these activities are being run at conceptart.org. It's very competitive, well conceptart.org is full of amazing artist that gives you the sense of urgency to work on your skills. Really.

Basically there's a new topic posted each week, like a brief and some rules and guidelines. Then you just go nuts and come up with something wacky, twisted yet interesting concept. Unlike Daily Sketch Group being run at cgtalk.com or conceptart.org these require a bit completion towards work submitted.

It's also very fun and challenging..

A new Website


After much beating around the bush and frustration, I have come to accept that this will become my new website for the next few months or maybe even for few years. *fingers crossed*

The main reason behind a website was simply to create a place where I can frequently upload some of my scribbles without the hassle. So simplicity was the main drive, but also wanted it to suggest that this website frequent of illustration activities.

I tried avoiding fancy coding or the look, like I said after much frustration, I told myself "meh, this will do". Big thanks to my friend Marsha for coding the entire website in PHP, in fact it's a custom CMS, thanks to her I will be able to easily update my website without resorting to pulling html/css apart and tables. oh and her contact is listed on the left, if you ever need a coder.

So enjoy, check out some of the so called "scribbles" I enjoy doing.

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